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XT grain carts up ante to 600 bushels per minute

Big grain cart also has long forward and side reach

XT carts range in capacity from 850 bushels requiring 200 horsepower, up to 1,500 bu. requiring 300 h.p. They all feature a 20-inch auger with half-inch, double-pitch flighting and they all move 600 bu. per minute.

Glacier FarmMedia – It’s been one year since Brandt introduced its line of XT series grain carts. Reaction has been positive to the auger positioning and 600 bushel-per-hour performance.

According to Brandt’s Cory Borys, the unique auger design simplifies loading and unloading. The XT auger has the longest forward reach, longest side reach and tallest discharge spout clearance.

Borys explained these innovations during a July virtual Ag in Motion event. He said the single auger XT uses a unique, corner-mount design with a forward reach of more than eight feet, a side reach of more than 15 feet and more than 13 feet discharge spout clearance.

“In the grain cart business, it’s all about the auger. Better reach and clearance make positioning fast and easy so you get more done in less time,” said Borys.

“We incorporated three key measurements. First, we put the auger as far out as possible to increase clearance from the cart to the trailer you’re filling. We have over nine feet of extension. And with 13 feet clearance to the bottom of the spout, you can clear high semi stacks or high trailers without a problem.

“The third thing is to move the auger as far forward as possible. There’s more than eight feet from the hitch point to the front of the spout. This locates the spout directly at the side of the tractor so operators can always keep their eye on the auger while grain is flowing.”

He said greater side reach means operators work safely because they are at a greater distance from the truck and trailer. In some cases, trucks can be loaded from the field while sitting on the road.

Brandt engineers shaped the tank to save time when switching between crops. A sloped interior allows optimal grain flow, eliminating obstructions common on most carts. This ensures a total cleanout. A ground-level access door allows an operator to safely check the tank without climbing a ladder.

“We have a two-speed cushion-fold cylinder that slows the auger at both ends of the fold and unfold process. It never impacts the side of the tank when cradling. To hit that 600 bu.-per-minute target, the 20-inch diameter auger is made of half-inch thick double-pitch auger flighting. We use a six-tooth drive coupler to give you a smooth driveline engagement. No shock.”

In keeping with the theme of better control, a four-direction spout lets the operator exercise precise control of the grain flow.

An optional LED flow gate indicator helps keep the driver’s eyes directly on the discharge spout. To keep costs down, the same axle is employed under track and tire versions. The XT uses a five-point load bar system.

This article was originally published at The Western Producer.

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