Steiger tractors get a digital update

The large horsepower tractors are now are available with Case IH’s AFS Connect system

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Ontario farmers were some of the first to get a look at the new Case IH AFS Connect Steiger tractor when it was displayed at the London Farm Show.

The tractor was launched at the Commodity Classic in the U.S. a week earlier.

The tractor brings the AFS Connect technology, engineered throughout the whole tractor that arrived in the AFS Connect Magnum a year ago to the Steiger. The articulated Steiger line has Case IH’s largest horsepower units.

Patrick Landry, a high horsepower product specialist with Case IH, says that everything was redesigned in the cab, including more storage and power ports. In fact there are 29 power connectors and diagnostic ports to connect all the devices needed to control tractor and implement operations.

Landry says AFS Connect was available in classic Steigers, last year, but the 2020 version will allow a dealer to connect to the tractor remotely for diagnostics before leaving the shop. Remote Display View means the technician can do trouble shooting without leaving the shop and also tells them what parts are needed in the field.

The tractor comes with a five-year subscription to the AFS Connect service.

Landry says that should mean less down time for the farmer and more efficiency for the dealer.

The 2020 Steigers will also come standard with an engine brake, which will decrease stopping distance.

Patrick Landry. photo: John Greig

“I know some guys who are pulling heavy loads behind the tractor like liquid manure tankers or big silage dump trailers. By having the engine brake, it is more safer on the road if something is happening in front of you.”

In the long term, the engine brake slowing down the tractor should be easier on the transmission.

It has been an option, but is now standard on the 2020 Steiger.

Engine, transmission and drive line are all the same on the 2020 version as on the classic version.

The AFS Connect Steiger is available in Quadtrac, Rowtrac and wheeled configurations in horsepowers ranging from 370 to 620.

Buying a tractor will look like buying a car

Case IH is also trying to simplify the trip of tractors down the assembly line.

Landry says that if there were 3,000 Magnums built in a year, there might be 2,000 different combinations of the tractor rolling off the line.

He says that the hope is that the creation of the packages will help Case IH keep tractor costs competitive.

Now it will look more like car buying, with options packaged together.

Magnum buyers will have 13 packages to choose from.

In the future it will help the dealers to manage inventory and trades, he says, as what is on a tractor will be more consistent.

“This will allow us to have better quality control at the assembly line because the guy will always do the same job. It won’t be a different task each time,” he says.

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