New AFS Connect Magnum tractor launches at London show

The new Case IH tractor aims to increase data connectivity, with more farmer control

Case IH launched its new AFS Connect Magnum tractor at the London Farm Show in early March with comfort and serviceability upgrades and more farmer-controlled integration to cloud-based data storage systems.

The company promoted the tractor as a new step in the use of data for farmers, with software that allows remote access to the tractor, includes a new GPS antenna and new farmer controls over data.

But the machine also includes a number of tweaks that aim to improve user comfort and tractor function.

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The tractor is the next step for Case IH towards putting the full suite of high tech functions now found in advanced pickup trucks into tractors.

For example, there is now digital monitoring of tire pressure, accessible from the cab and external mirrors can be extended and retracted by controls in the cab.

The tractor was first launched recently at the Louisville Farm Show, but was unveiled to Canadian farmers at the London Farm Show.

Patrick Landry, Case IH high performance tractor specialist, took Farmtario on a tour at the London show of the new tractor to be available in 2020.

He emphasized farmers’ increased ability to control and share data that comes with the tractor.

“Before sharing it will ask if you want to share the information, yes or no,” he said. “Nobody will have access to it until he chooses to share information.”

Patrick Landry, Case IH Canada’s high performance tractor specialist.
photo: John Greig

Farmers have expressed consistent concern about making sure they have full control and ownership over their data, and it appears that Case IH is responding to that concern.

The tractor includes three new systems to help manage guidance and data flow. They include:

  • The new AFS Pro 1200 display is designed for more intuitive navigation and optimum visibility even on bright days. Farm managers can use AFS Connect to connect with the tractor’s systems and Bluetooth capability allows the ability to pair the display with a mobile phone. Remote service from a dealership is possible as well.
  • The new AFS Vision Pro operating system can be configured to a farmer’s choosing, meaning the tractor can be set up to their liking.
  • The AFS Vector Pro receiver streamlines guidance correction options, ranging from base (WAAS and AFS 1) to medium (AFS 2) to high (RTK and RTK+) accuracy levels. The receiver brings GPS and navigation modules into one unit.

There are several other cab-related improvements that include a seat that swivels 40 degrees for greater view of implements and a single panel door, also for better view and easier access to the cab.

The control arm has several customizable buttons. Forward and reverse, three-point hitch, acceleration and hydraulic functions are already within finger reach on the joystick.

The AFS Connect Magnum has an upgraded cab with a seat that swivels further than previous models.
photo: Case IH

Serviceability has been improved with the movement of most important service points to the left side of the engine, closer to where operators leave the cab.

There are some mechanical changes, including the dual spacer which has been made easier to install. It’s also 150 pounds heavier adding weight over the front axles instead of adding weight at the front of the tractor.

The AFS Connect Magnum is available in 6.7 and 8.7 litre engines putting out 225 to 435 engine horsepower.

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