Massey Ferguson launches new mid-horsepower tractor

The all-new tractor features a quieter cab and a focus on dependability

A 24 cm gap between the engine and the cab in the new Massey Ferguson 8S tractor means a much quieter ride for farmers.
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Massey Ferguson has launched a new mid horsepower series of tractors that aims to reinforce the company’s reputation for simplicity and ease of use.

The division of AGCO launched the new Massey Ferguson 8S series of tractors during a high-tech virtual show in late July that brought together tractor enthusiasts from around the world.

The launch made obvious the popularity of the Massey Ferguson line outside of North America, with an emphasis on Europe and the southern hemisphere.

The words “straightforward and dependable” were sprinkled through the presentation and press materials emphasizing the market segment targeted by the Massey tractors.

The launch was led by Thierry Lhotte , vice president and managing director, Massey Ferguson, EME and Francesco Murro, director of marketing Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East, who spoke while imposed on settings as varied as a futurist Massey Ferguson dealership and the moon.

“This is the start of a new era for Massey Ferguson, not just new a product,” said Lhotte. “This is a new age of straightforward and dependable tractors.”

The tractor is completely redesigned, with more power to the ground, the quietest cab on the market and connectivity to the Massey Ferguson and AGCO suite of precision farming products.

The tractor is the usual Massey red, but with a broader grey stripe across the hood. Fenders are square in a throwback to the Massey 3000 series of the 1980s, said Murro.

One of the most striking visual differences in the Massey Ferguson 8S is a 24 centimetre gap between the engine and the cab, a physical separation that Lhotte says reduces engine noise in the cab to what the company says is an industry-leading 68 decibels.

The new Massey Ferguson 8S comes in four different horsepowers, from 205 to 265. photo: Massey Ferguson

The 8S tractors range from 205 to 265 horsepower in four models. They are powered by a six cylinder, 6.7 litre, AGCO Power engine.

There are three transmission options: A Dyna E power dual clutch, the Dyna-7 semi powershift and in 2021, the Dyna VT continuously variable transmission will be available.

There’s also a new naming regimen for the tractors including the 8 for the tractor series, a letter that identifies the features level and then the horsepower number.

The functions of the tractor are controlled by an all-new armrest, with many programmable options, with a built-in monitor where all ISObus and precision farming functions can be controlled. The front dashboard has been moved to the front, right cab pillar, to allow for more visibility.

On the exterior, there are 16 LED lights for added visibility and a rear camera mounted on the roof allows for greater view of what’s happening behind the tractor.

The 8S launch brings the suite of Massey and AGCO precision farming tools to the Massey brand, with everything from MF Connect Telemetry and the optional MF Task Doc data transfer software allowing users to make management decisions. The tractor comes with a three-year subscription for MF Connect. The tractor can use AGCO’s Agrirouter to seamlessly and securely synchronize data and share it with others involved in the farm or service providers.

Lhoute says that a million engineering hours and 200,000 hours of validation were put into the 8S tractor in a process that started in 2014 with an event for producers that asked them what they wanted in a tractor.

“You helped us finalize the tractor you needed for the pragmatic future of your farm,” he said.

The tractor also puts more power to the ground. A new, rear axle combined with more oil flow improves efficiency and versatility. With up to 10 per cent more traction power and 20 per cent more flow, it enables the use of wider, more productive implements.

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