Hustler MDV debuts in Canada with unique hydraulic lift bed

The bed can lift 750 pounds (340 kilograms) allowing heavy cargo to be rolled onto it at ground level

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UTVs are common workhorses on farms today and there are more than a few different brands to choose from.

But there may be only one that offers a hydraulic, self-loading rear bed, the Hustler MDV.

UTVs can help producers with a wide range of farm duties and have become especially important as farm sizes grow and the labour pool shrinks.

Built in Hesston, Kansas, by Hustler, a brand better known for producing commercial lawn mowers, the MDV is new to Canada.

“We invented the first zero turn mower in 1964,” said Jeff Woods, territory sales manager for Ontario at the Hustler display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock. “That is our bread and butter. We’re just broadening our horizons, entering the utility vehicle market.”

The MDV is available in two models, one with the hydraulic rear bed and one without that feature. But underneath both models share the same specifications, which include a 23.4 horsepower Kohler diesel engine that routes power through a two-range CVT transmission. That combination gives the MDV a top speed of about 60 km/h.

The levelift (hydraulic bed) version allows the box to be lowered completely, allowing heavy cargo to be rolled onto it at ground level — or at least minimizing the effort to load it.

“You can lift 750 pounds (340 kilograms) or dump at any position,” added Woods. “The nice part is you can drop it right to the ground and load right from the ground. That’s what makes it unique from a lot of our competitors.”

Overall, the MDV has a 1,650 lb. (750 kilogram) carrying capacity.

The MDVs offer selectable four-wheel drive and a variety of tire options from turf to more aggressive off-road types. Inboard of the front wheels is an independent suspension, and at the rear is a floating axle hung on a coil-over suspension system. To bring the vehicles to a stop, MDVs use hydraulic disc brakes.

“We have all the accessories available,” said Woods. “So you can get a full cab, a winch, all the attachments are available.”

The Hustler isn’t yet a household brand name in UTVs in Canada, but Woods said the company is seeking new dealers.

The suggested retail price for the Hustler Levelift MDV is $25,999 and they come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. More information is available at

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