Competitors leave the ring after a class at the 2018 Baconmaker Classic 4-H show at the Ontario Pork Congress.

Ontario Pork Congress continues to grow

Congress organizers recommend producers come to the show with a biosecurity plan thought out

The Ontario Pork Congress (OPC) continues to grow, adding 20 more exhibitors in 2019. The congress will bring its usual mix of industry events and public outreach to Stratford June 19 and 20. The board of directors of the Ontario Pork Congress decided to continue with the event, despite the cancellation of the World Pork […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder cattle demand softens

Compared to last week, western Canadian yearling prices were $2-$4 lower on average while calves were down $3-$5 depending on the region. Weakness in the fed cattle market continues to spill over into the feeder complex, as margins drift further into red ink. Alberta packers were buying fed cattle in the range of $245-$246 delivered […] Read more

U.S. livestock: Futures end week on sour note

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange cattle and hog futures fell on Friday, pressured by fears that Mexico, a key importer of both U.S. beef and pork, will retaliate against President Donald Trump’s plans to roll out tariffs on imports from Mexico next week. The trade worries come as U.S. supplies of both hogs […] Read more

Larvae from the black soldier fly are used to create the protein-rich feed additive.

Approval gained for fly larva as livestock feed additives

Cambridge-based Oreka Solutions first Ontario company to gain CFIA nod for insect-based livestock feed

Oreka Solutions Inc. could soon be selling insect protein as feed for fish and chickens in Ontario. The Cambridge-based company got its approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on May 14 for the sale of livestock feed for aquaculture and broiler chickens. It has plans to ramp up production with a larger, second […] Read more

The lengthier and heavier the mycotoxin exposure, the more toxic the feed.

The DON year and dairy feed

Dairy farmers have had to manage higher mycotoxin levels in feed after last harvest. Here’s how they did it

Dairy farmers faced challenges dealing with mould in corn in 2018, as crop farmers dealt with the widespread DON outbreak. Dairy animals can manage mould levels in small doses but once levels reach a certain point, the feed becomes toxic. Why it matters: Mouldy feeds can typically cause performance losses of five to 10 per […] Read more

For standing and lying behaviour, activity monitors were attached to calves for seven days after pain treatment application.

Local anesthetic and pain control show greatest calf comfort

University of Guelph study looked at reducing animal stress

A University of Guelph study has found that using a combined local anesthetic and pain reliever when dehorning young calves will reduce the animals’ stress. The study involved use of caustic paste for dehorning, a method that is becoming more common for disbudding dairy calves. However, there is little available research into controlling the animals’ […] Read more

Increased Chinese inspections on Canadian meat for pork only

Ottawa | Reuters — Chinese plans to boost inspections of Canadian meat imports only affect pork rather than all meat products as the federal agriculture ministry initially stated, a Canadian government official said on Wednesday. A ministry notice seen by Reuters on Tuesday said the Canadian embassy in Beijing had been told Chinese customs agents […] Read more