Farmers Pharmacy will be located in this building in Cambridge.

First Ontario livestock pharmacy opens

The new pharmacy will give farmers an alternative to only buying antimicrobials from a veterinarian

Farmers will now have an alternative to purchasing antibiotics from their veterinarian with the opening of the first independent agriculture pharmacy in Ontario. The GVF group of companies, which includes the Grand Valley Fortifiers feed manufacturer and Farmers Farmacy animal health and equipment supply company, received approval to launch Farmers Pharmacy Rx, a dispensary for […] Read more

Brittney Livingston, Andrew Mazurka and their sons Travis (standing) and Emmett, at the entrance to the barn housing horses and artisanal chicken near Hillsburgh.

Niche chicken program grows

The artisanal chicken program supplies local markets and allows farmers to diversify

Chicken Farmers of Ontario’s artisanal chicken program continues to grow, with 2018 participants close to double the first year of the program, launched in 2016. The program was created after calls for the CFO to be more responsive to demands for chicken produced locally, using methods alternative to conventional broiler barns. Why it matters: The […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder market searching for direction

Western Canadian feeder cattle markets were quite variable from seven days earlier. Prices were unchanged in the eastern Prairie regions; however, Alberta markets traded $3 to as much as $7 below week-ago levels. Alberta and Saskatchewan feedlot inventories are running 16 per cent above year-ago levels, so there’s limited buying power available. Calves are fleshier […] Read more

Alberta cattle producers vote to keep refundable checkoff

Preliminary results in Alberta beef producers’ service charge plebiscite put a slim majority in favour of keeping their checkoff refundable. Out of 1,874 votes cast, 962 votes, or 51.3 per cent, fell in favour of a refundable service charge model, with 908 for a non-refundable model and four ballots spoiled, according to the preliminary figures […] Read more

A national standard is being developed for milk from cows that are grass fed. There are 33 Ontario dairy farms producing to the temporary grass-fed standard.

Milking new consumer trends

Tapping into consumers’ thirst for new ways to drink milk is spurring investment in processing and changing production practices on the farm

A national standard is being developed for grass-fed milk because of demand. Coca Cola committed to spending $85 million on a new plant in Peterborough for its specialty milk product and Saputo has now announced a competitor. It’s almost as though the Canadian milk market is having its Chobani moment. The American yogurt maker proposed […] Read more