New Ontario group joins sheep federation

Other Ontario, Alberta and Quebec groups left the Canadian Sheep Federation

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Updated Jan. 9

The Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus, a new network of Ontario sheep farmers, involved in production of breeding stock, market lambs, wool and sheep’s milk, has been accepted into the Canadian Sheep Federation.

Fred Baker, an Ontario sheep producer, and interim chair of the Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus (OLPC) said that “OLPC membership in the CSF will provide an Ontario producer perspective to this valuable national organization and will provide a conduit for communication between the CSF and OLPC members.”

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The largest sheep organizations in Ontario and Alberta left the Canadian Sheep Federation in 2016 to form the National Sheep Network along with the Quebec sheep producers organization which left in 2011. Together the producers the organizations represent make up about 70 per cent of the Canadian sheep flock.

Some Ontario shepherds haven’t been happy with that arrangement, since the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) left the CSF, hence the formation of the Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus. OSMA continues to collect the check off from Ontario lamb, and the funds don’t reach the CSF.

“We are really pleased that Ontario producers recognize the value of working together and the important national unity plays in garnering opportunities that benefit the entire industry,” says CSF Chair Allan Ribbink.

Updated to include the year in which the Quebec sheep organization left the Canadian Sheep Federation.

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