Milking robot upgrade targets higher capacity, faster attachment

DeLaval has introduced a new milking robot, upgrading its long-standing voluntary milking system (VMS) to increase capacity and improve attachment time.

The VMS V300 was introduced to farmers and industry at the company’s VMS Pro North America conference in Madison, WI.

Norwell Dairy Systems, the largest DeLaval dealer in Ontario, tweeted that they would be receiving the first of the new VMS V300s in North America.

The new robot has the potential to harvest up to 3400 kg of milk per day, a 10 per cent increase in capacity.

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DeLaval also says attachment time can be 50 per cent faster, with an up to 99.8 per cent attachment rate.

One of the largest concerns with robotic milking is the cost of maintenance. The company says the new milking robot has lower running cost than earlier systems.

DeLaval has historically made upgrades to its voluntary milking system as components and new technology became available, which makes the VMS V300 launch unique for the company.

The VMS V300 system comes with DeLaval InControl, a new user interface allowing access to information and control of the system remotely. DeLaval PureFlow, the new, transparent teat preparation cup, is another new feature. Lastly, DeLaval InSight, the latest in vision technology ensures a smooth, fast and accurate attachment.

“As a market leader, we have both an obligation and an opportunity to contribute to better milking practices in all parts of the world, directly aiming at helping farmers with their daily challenges,” said Joakim Rosengren, DeLaval president and CEO.

Robotic milking has become the most popular method of harvesting milk in Canada installed in new construction, although many milking parlour systems continue to be built.

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