Potatoes could benefit from a nurse crop, researchers say.

Nurse crops help potatoes face environmental factors

Starting crops with potatoes adds to organic matter and helps with erosion and droughty conditions

Young potato shoots are up against many environmental factors, such as drought, wind and water erosion, all of which are mainly due to a large decrease in soil organic matter. Now, researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) have found that nurse crops may be able to help potatoes by adding green manure to the […] Read more

The demand for local food has increased demand for Ontario wheat.

Focus on local boosts wheat usage by processor

Grain farmers invested in helping Griffith Foods grow its demand for Ontario wheat

A major supplier to the food industry has dramatically increased its use of Ontario wheat over the past 30 years to the point that it now almost exclusively buys locally. Griffith Foods made purchasing Ontario wheat a priority as part of its effort to reduce its carbon footprint and as a result has become a […] Read more

Parrish and Heimbecker to expand Hamilton flour mill, terminal

Prairie grain handler and processor Parrish and Heimbecker plans to become the single biggest user of Ontario-grown wheat with a major expansion of its newest flour mill. The privately-held Winnipeg company on Tuesday announced expansion work is now underway on both its mill and adjacent Lake Ontario harbour terminal at Hamilton. Few details were available […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Benchmark report out for fababeans, feed peas

MarketsFarm — Alberta Pulse Growers on Monday released Feed Benchmark Bi-Weekly Reports, providing “a consistent and unbiased estimate of the feeding value of low-tannin fababeans and feed peas” in central Alberta, central Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba. Comparing fababean and feed pea prices to other feed grains, the report stated, “Grains are softening further on the […] Read more

Near-normal monsoon expected in India

MarketsFarm — Monsoon rains in India are expected to be near normal in 2019, according to the first long-range forecast of the year from the India Meteorological Department. The southwest monsoon typically runs from June through September. It provides crucial moisture for the country’s agriculture sector, as it accounts for roughly 70 per cent of […] Read more

Ontario’s wheat production has moved predominantly to soft red wheat, but buyers want to change that.

Stemming the hard red wheat decline

Hard red wheat is only about seven per cent of the Ontario market, but buyers are clear: they want more

Ontario wheat buyers are looking to reverse the significant decline in hard red wheat acres in the province, with better offers and the long-term potential of an identity-preserved system for desired varieties. Ontario’s wheat market moved over the past five to 10 years to a predominantly soft red wheat. In 2018, soft red wheat made […] Read more