New foliar fungicide controls major crop diseases

New foliar fungicide controls major crop diseases

Bayer recently announced that Delaro Complete has been registered for use in Eastern Canada on corn, soybeans and cereals.

The new foliar fungicide controls major corn, soybean and cereals diseases. 

Eric Comte, soybean and pulse crop and campaign marketing manager for Bayer said in a news release that Delaro Complete adds to the performance of Stratego PRO by providing better control for the most important corn, soybean, and cereal diseases. He said the addition of Fluopyram “is ideal for high disease pressure situations and offers residual protection, giving farmers an extra edge heading into the end of the season.” 

Delaro Complete has three modes of action (Groups 3, 11, 7) that work in tandem for added protection. According to Bayer, in corn, Delaro Complete provides preventive defenses against common rust, eye spot, northern corn leaf blight and tar spot. In soybeans, Delaro Complete protects against all major soybean diseases, as well as providing enhanced suppression of white mould. 

Delaro Complete is available to Eastern Canadian farmers for the 2021 growing season. 

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