Producers can use a variable rate program to reduce inputs in poorperforming areas.

Precision ag helps farmers find their best acres

Farming all the acres the same can result in potentially failing the better ones and over-investing in the worst

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Implementing precision agriculture strategies doesn’t have to be overwhelming. “Don’t not do something because it’s not perfect because we’re never going to get perfect,” said Terry Aberhart, owner of Sure Growth Technologies. When Aberhart started training and educating people through his independent agronomy consulting company, he strived to teach a comprehensive understanding […] Read more

John Deere has experimented with installing its spray systems on multiple drone platforms. Its swarm system is scalable to fit the needs of small and large farms. Growers drop off the drone boxes where they are needed, and retrieve them when the job is complete.

Ag equipment giant unveils the future

John Deere’s Future Technology Zone displayed research into automation, electrification and artificial intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Large farm equipment manufacturers sometimes face disadvantages when it comes to rapid deployment of the latest innovations because they need to maintain brand integrity and so tend to sell proven products. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on the latest technological developments behind the scenes. During Agritechnica, John Deere used its […] Read more

Claas modified its Xerion platform to meet the needs of the track system. The tracks offer 25 per cent more footprint than the largest single available for the tractor.

Claas adds four-track articulated tractor to its line

The system is different than one that Claas uses on its combines

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Claas joined an elite group of tractor manufacturers that offer high-horsepower, articulated tractors with four tracks, with its launch of the Xerion TRAC TS at Agritechnica in Germany. Both the Xerion 5000, with 530 h.p., and the Xerion 4500, at 490 h.p., will be offered in the TRAC TS class. Henning Ressmeyer […] Read more

The Deere HDX draper header is hinged to better follow rolling terrain and has optional vertical knives for heavy canola crops.

John Deere previews next-generation combine

The even-larger combine is a specialist in threshing grains and oilseeds, with its new draper header

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia | Agritechnica – John Deere previewed its twin-rotor X9 combine and a matching draper header designed for small grains and oilseeds, recently during Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany. Matt Arnold, product manager in John Deere’s future combines division said the X9 is a productivity step beyond the S790, the largest Deere combine currently on […] Read more

The AgriCup is manufactured the same way as standard tires with the same material and is mounted on a standard rim. However, it is much heavier and can run with lower air pressure.

New ag tire looks flat, but delivers elevated performance

The strange-looking tires run with lower air pressure than conventional tires

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The AgriCup tire debut during the American 2019 Farm Progress Show had a few farmers scratching their heads. “Are those tires supposed to look like that? I think they need some air,” said a show attendee at the Galileo Wheel booth to company co-founder Avishay Novoplanski. The AgriCup is built with more […] Read more

The AXION 900 TT can travel up to 25 miles per hour, and has an adjustable brake assist turn to help it through tight turns.

Claas adds tracks to its Axion tractor lineup

Tracked versions of the new Axions will be available within two years

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following the commercial launch of the Axion 900 and 800 series tractors in the United States and Canada this summer, Claas displayed the next big development for this tractor line. “Here is the Axion TT, or the tracked version,” said Drew Fletcher, tractor product manager for Claas of America during the Farm Progress Show in […] Read more

The Danuser MegaMixer handles grain and a lot more, including gravel and bedding.

Feeding with a bucket takes on a new meaning

Adding a hydraulic auger to a front end loader bucket design was a start, adding variable rates and gates completed it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Operators of small cattle farms and growers who need to mix soil for smaller vegetable beds may be interested in the some of the updates Danuser made to its material handling bucket. The Mega Mixer was designed to scoop, mix and dispense material ranging from livestock feed to concrete. Mike Willis of Danuser said the […] Read more

The fifth-wheel receiver installed on this trailer enables a producer to drive a sprayer onto the trailer and immediately secure it without chaining it down.

Farmer develops new, fast connection for his sprayer

Fifth-wheel hitch pin makes for quicker connection to a sprayer trailer

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Ontario farmer welded a fifth-wheel pin to the bottom of his sprayer and installed a receiver on the trailer to make his spraying system more efficient. Tom Schuurmans said the hitch shaves at least five minutes off each load and unload of his sprayer. He said his family’s dairy farm near Elmira, Ont., needs […] Read more

Mervin Traverse provides full-time elder support to Agriculture Canada.

Agriculture Canada enlists indigenous elder

The indigenous elder had worked for the CFIA for most of his career

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agriculture Canada is the first federal department to employ a departmental elder to help the institution navigate relationships with indigenous peoples. In 2017, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada created the indigenous support and awareness office to increase the department’s ability to work with indigenous people, and hired elder Mervin Traverse to provide full-time elder support to […] Read more

A honey producer in Western Canada says those who export fake honey into the country have found a way to pass the test used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and says it’s time to do something about it.

Producer urges CFIA to take action on fake honey

A British Columbia beekeeper spent $1 million on a new test and implores the government to make sure it is used

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Canadian Food Inspection Agency uses an ineffective method to detect fake honey, which has forced a Canadian beekeeper to take matters into his own hands. Peter Awram is a second-generation beekeeper who has apiary facilities in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley and produces honey north of Edmonton. “There is so much fraud in the industry, […] Read more