Use a phone camera to check in hard to see places for areas that need to be cleaned.

Prepare your grain bins before setting out for harvest

Tips and tricks for making sure bins are clean and ready for a new crop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before filling grain bins or using temporary storage, thoroughly clean the bins or storage site. Follow these steps each time you empty a bin and before filling it with new grain: Eliminate dust and dockage from any cracks in the bin. Repair holes, cracks and leaks in the bin and cracks in the floor if […] Read more

Most barn fires occur in winter, when electrical use is high.

Top 10 ways to help prevent barn fires

Inspection and care of electrical systems, whether permanent or temporary, is part of a fire prevention plan in barns, says the agriculture department

Reading Time: 2 minutes Barn fires are a year-round concern, but most occur in the winter. The colder months are generally the time when feed and bedding storage is greatest, electricity use is high, and equipment repairs and upgrades are made. It is an important time to be extra vigilant. When it comes to barn fires, prevention is key. […] Read more