There’s value in local food production, but having global systems can reduce food risk.

OPINION: In a COVID-19 world, is local better?

While there might be value in bolstering Canadian food production, there’s resiliency in global trade

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our food system has weathered an unprecedented demand shift and shock over the past month. Overall, we have come out of it reasonably well. We have seen short-term shortages on grocery store shelves (flour and other products) and some rationing when product was there (milk, eggs). At the same time, we have heard stories of […] Read more

Ontario dairy farmers have been asked to dump milk from their cows due to supply chain challenges due to COVID-19.

OPINION: Thoughts on dumping milk during COVID-19

Unprecedented shocks to the market are to blame, not supply management

Reading Time: 3 minutes I received a sad text from a friend of mine who is a dairy farmer. They are being asked to dump milk as the processors to whom it is assigned can’t use it right now This is difficult to understand in a time where we are seeing empty grocery stores shelves. Supply chains are complex […] Read more

Opinion: The family farm is changing but not dying

There are fewer smaller farms, but the numbers show that doesn’t mean fewer families running farms

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the greatest myths of Canadian agriculture is that the family farm is dying. If family farms could talk, they’d likely echo Mark Twain’s quote that “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” I see frequent reports that the family farm is disappearing and “corporate farms” are taking over. It is true that […] Read more