The illustration shows bacteriophages attacking bacteria.

What’s old is new again in bacterial control

Bacteriophages are finding more uses in food processing, but not yet in internal medicine

Reading Time: 3 minutes A virus discovered a century ago could become a powerful weapon against disease and antimicrobial resistance in the livestock industry, according to an expert in the Canadian government. Why it matters: Bacteriophages could be an antidote to antimicrobial resistance, which is undercutting options for antibiotics at a time when global demand for meat is rising. […] Read more

Having multiple ways of measuring data – such as drones, satellite and yield maps — helps to make sure of accuracy.

Turning precision ag data into profits

Some farmers are convinced of the value as long as they have the tools to manage it

Reading Time: 6 minutes Adam DeVisser is a recent convert to using precision agriculture, but he’s practical about its application. “The value is not in computers making decisions for us, but in us making more informed decisions,” he says. Why it matters: Using technology and collecting data can really help producers’ bottom lines, but only if they plan it […] Read more

Grazing corn stalks is one option producers have to extend the grazing season.

Cover crop grazing can benefit cattle and soil

Farmers able to extend grazing and save hay costs by planting and managing their cover crops

Reading Time: 4 minutes Grazing beef cattle on cover crops is a great way to save on feed costs and it’s good for the soil, according to three panelists at the Grey-Bruce Farmer’s Week Beef Day. Why it matters: Integrating animals into cropping systems creates a more complete nutrient cycle. Adam Shea, who farms in eastern Ontario, has a […] Read more

Beef slaughter capacity has been a challenge for some time in Ontario.

Ontario beef industry tackles slaughter capacity issue

There are many factors holding back a potential increase to slaughter capacity

Reading Time: 3 minutes The top priority for the Beef Farmers of Ontario during the past year has been addressing the lack of slaughter capacity, a situation made worse with the cancellation of Ryding-Regency Meat Packer’s licence in early December. Why it matters: High demand for Ontario beef means slaughter capacity must increase or market opportunities will be lost. […] Read more

Profitable crop marketing takes planning and discipline.

10 good habits for marketing crops

There are profitable choices that can be made when selling crops

Reading Time: 4 minutes Producers looking to successfully market their grain should concentrate on what they can control and be prepared to sell at any time, according to Donna Archer of Maizeing Acres Incorporated. Archer and her husband, Pete, have a 1,500 cash crop farm and own three grain elevators in eastern Ontario. She presented 10 tips for grain […] Read more

The need for shorter time on a truck could mean the need for more rest stop facilities.

Amended transportation regulations premature: beef industry

The number of hours an animal can be on a truck will drop by 25 per cent to 36 hours without rest, feed and water

Reading Time: 3 minutes The federal government’s amendments to the transport of animals regulations are causing controversy among cattle producers. The new rules were introduced Feb. 20 and are scheduled to take effect in February 2020. Why it matters: Cattle producers and truckers will have to adhere to new transportation regulations that may be premature, affecting animals and producers’ […] Read more

The dairy producer panel on genomics at the Grey-Bruce Dairy Day: Gary Markus, Markhill Farms Ltd., Wayne Wagler, Claynook Farms Ltd., Phil Armstrong, Armstrong Manor Farm, Lynsay Beavers, industry liaison co-ordinator, Canadian Dairy Network.

Genomic best practices from committed testers

Have a plan say dairy farmers who use genomics to determine which heifers to keep

Reading Time: 4 minutes If dairy producers want to use genomics to improve their herds, they should have a plan, develop goals for their operation, and stick to them, according to Gary Markus of Markhill Holsteins. “Jump in with both feet, use the data, and don’t dabble,” he said during a producer panel on Dairy Day at the recent […] Read more

Neil McCutcheon of BDO LLP talks about how milk production is the most important factor for farm profitability.

Optimizing dairy farm returns

The dairy farmer’s mantra: How do I get more milk out of my cows?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Milk production, more than any other factor, drives profitability on a dairy farm, according to Neil McCutcheon. He spoke during Dairy Day at the recent Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week. Milk production matters more than whether you have a free stall or tie-stall operation and it matters more than even the size of the operation. Why it […] Read more

Jennifer MacTavish, general manager of Ontario Sheep Farmers, encouraged producers attending the recent Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week to help with the EweGROW project by providing much-needed data.

Data needed to drive Ontario sheep industry forward

Producers have been reluctant to provide even aggregated data for the EweGROW program

Reading Time: 2 minutes The general manager of Ontario Sheep Farmers (OSF) had strong messages for producers gathered at the recent Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week. “We haven’t had the really hard conversations about where we want the industry to go,” Jennifer MacTavish said. This has resulted in inefficiencies along the supply chain and an unwillingness to commit to and invest […] Read more

Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein presented 15 years worth of research into transporting beef cattle at Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week.

Beef transportation research reveals sources of stress

The speed of shrink on beef animals increases at heat rises

Reading Time: 3 minutes The more time beef cattle spend in transport over 24 hours, the more likely they’ll experience shrink (a loss of fluid from body tissue), lameness and even death. That’s according to Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein, an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist in Lethbridge, Alberta. She also said younger cattle fare better than cull cows or […] Read more