Universities can adapt to COVID-19, UCVM dean says

As administrators and faculty modify the system, dean calls for renewed public focus on food production and distribution

Reading Time: 4 minutes As COVID-19 pushes universities to change the way they teach, carry out research and conduct clinical work, the dean of veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary is confident that they can adapt. The academic system “from coast to coast is very intact,” Dr. Baljit Singh said. “We will continue to develop new technologies. We […] Read more

COVID-19 shifts bull buyers online

As auction marts move to curb the disease's spread, technology is connecting buyers and sellers

Reading Time: 3 minutes As bull sale season stretches into the spring, online sales are helping the industry cut COVID-19 risks while facilitating commerce. The Livestock Market Association of Canada (LMAC) last week held an emergency meeting on how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, and decided to follow Health Canada’s lead on limiting crowd size and encouraging social […] Read more

Consider canola crop’s potential yield before spraying

Reading Time: 3 minutes As July approaches and crop canopies close, sclerotinia will be on the minds of many canola growers. But will it pay to spray? Fungicide applications are more likely to be profitable when the canola hits 30-40 bushels per acre, said Colleen Redlick, senior technical development specialist at BASF. Justine Cornelsen, agronomy specialist with the Canola […] Read more

Confusion surrounds India’s latest pea import curb

Reading Time: 2 minutes The fine detail in the announcement of a new cap on pea imports into India has led to new uncertainty over whether the cap applies to yellow peas, or all peas. India’s commerce and industry ministry announced Wednesday that pea imports between April 1 and June 30 this year are now restricted to a total […] Read more

The three trays on the left represent 10,000 canola seeds that were not put through the Harrington Seed Destructor before researchers grew them out. The two trays on the right show the low germination rate of 10,000 canola seeds after researchers ran them through the Seed Destructor.  Photo: Lisa Guenther

Destroying weeds – at harvest

The Harrington Seed Destructor is showing some potential as a way to manage weeds without chemicals – but will it work on Ontario weeds?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Combines and harvest practices in general are great weed seed distribution systems. Think of all those weeds going in the front of the combine and then blowing out the back, all over the field. But what if you could destroy most of those weed seeds before they hit the ground? Canadian research on an Australian […] Read more

Fire guts Saskatchewan town’s last elevator

Reading Time: 2 minutes Residents of Prelate, Sask. had a rude awakening Tuesday as the village’s last grain elevator, owned by Paterson Grain, was engulfed in flames. Calls to 9-1-1 started coming in at 5:48 a.m. Tuesday, according to Jason Gizen, a local volunteer firefighter and pedigreed seed grower. Gizen lives in the house closest to the elevator and […] Read more

Protectionism game comes with raised economic stakes: Frum

Reading Time: 3 minutes As U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration day approaches, the business world is pondering how the new administration might affect the world economy. Trump’s pride in his unpredictability is troubling, given he’s the president-elect, said David Frum, political commentator, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, and a senior editor for Washington-based magazine The Atlantic. However, […] Read more

Guenther: Canada’s beef export sector waiting, watching

Reading Time: 3 minutes As speculation swirls around U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to renegotiate NAFTA, officials with Canada’s beef industry are taking a measured approach. They’re not ignoring the possibility of trade disruptions in the U.S., said Ryder Lee, CEO of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association — “but neither are we lighting our hair on fire yet at each […] Read more

Guenther: Farmers aim to keep pulse diseases in check

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rain makes grain, the saying goes — but too much spring rain and farmers are likely to see disease in pulses. That’s certainly been the case in Saskatchewan, where farmers in most regions are actively scouting for, or in some cases spraying for, crop diseases, according to the provincial crop report. So which leaf diseases […] Read more

Guenther: Seeding in home stretch for dry NW Saskatchewan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seeding is drawing to a close in northwestern Saskatchewan, largely due to warm, dry weather this month. On average, seeding in the northwest was over half done early in the week, according to the latest Saskatchewan Crop Report. Provincially, farmers are 51 per cent done, putting them miles ahead of the five-year average of 28 […] Read more