Emmanuel Adou, an Ivorian farmer, looks a drone spraying his oil palm plantation in Tiassale northern Abidjan, Ivory Coast May 21, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/

Researchers work together to find high-tech solutions to deal with hotter climate

Scientists are looking at everything from improved genetics to robots to help farmers maintain productivity as the world heats up

Reading Time: 3 minutes London | Thomson Reuters Foundation – In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or drones that can hover to squirt a few drops of pesticide only where needed. Smartphones already allow farmers in remote areas to snap photos of sick plants, upload them […] Read more

Turning over more land to energy production could have implications for food security, said scientists.

All hands on deck in climate change battle

Everyone and everything needed to hold climate line, scientists urge

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thomson Reuters Foundation | London – Last-ditch efforts to hold climate change to the most ambitious target set by governments will likely require using every available technique rather than picking and choosing the most attractive ones, climate scientists say. Dramatically reducing the use of coal, planting huge swathes of land with carbon-absorbing forest or powering […] Read more

The remains of a dead tree are pictured at the almost empty Maria Cristina water reservoir during a severe drought near Castellon, Spain, September 14, 2018.

Weather extremes to become more severe as global temperatures rise

Many more people will face heatwaves, extreme rainfall and shrinking harvests without unprecedented action, scientists say

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thomson Reuters Foundation – Many more people — besides the world’s poorest — will face sweltering heatwaves, more extreme rainfall, shrinking harvests and worsening water shortages unless unprecedented efforts to slow climate change start now, scientists warned Oct. 8. Why it matters: Without stepped-up action, efforts to adapt to the coming changes are likely to […] Read more