Potatoes could benefit from a nurse crop, researchers say.

Nurse crops help potatoes face environmental factors

Starting crops with potatoes adds to organic matter and helps with erosion and droughty conditions

Young potato shoots are up against many environmental factors, such as drought, wind and water erosion, all of which are mainly due to a large decrease in soil organic matter. Now, researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) have found that nurse crops may be able to help potatoes by adding green manure to the […] Read more

Each waterhemp plant can produce one million seeds, with some producing up to five million.

Glyphosate resistant waterhemp moving across Ontario

With its method of pollination and resistance abilities, the weed is becoming harder to control

Glyphosate-resistant waterhemp is now present in seven counties across Ontario. Huron, Wentworth and Haldimand are the three most recent counties where it was found, in addition to the previous Essex, Lambton, Chatham-Kent and Middlesex counties. Seeds were harvested harvested in fields in these counties last fall, planted in a greenhouse to overwinter and tested once […] Read more

Although not required, “no trespassing” signs are encouraged for farm properties.

Farmers fear being targeted by activist invasions

Recent incidents have prompted many to review what the regulations allow

A recent self-guided tour by animal activists on a dairy farm in southwestern Ontario and a protest outside another dairy near London have farmers reviewing their rights and possible courses of action should they find themselves the next victims of these unwanted visitors. Why it matters: Animal rights activists are illegally trespassing on farm businesses […] Read more

Canada has a significant reputation for biosecurity, but the arrival of ASF would be devastating.

Canada’s pork industry is on high alert

African swine fever is spreading rapidly in other parts of the world and could cause catastrophic losses if it reached Canada. Here’s how the industry is trying to keep it out

Pork industry officials have welcomed bumped up biosecurity — including more detector dogs — at airports as one of several strategies to keep African swine fever (ASF) out of Canada. As an export dependent country, Canada is particularly at risk from the deadly virus. If it surfaced here, customers would quickly close their borders to […] Read more

Meagan Maitland and her mother-in-law created laminated sheets of all of their farm addresses after a fire on a neighbour’s farm property.

Knowing the details key in an emergency

As farmers move into the fields for planting, knowing locations and having a plan can help them stay safe

Meagan Maitland was discing a field in fall of 2018 when her husband raced down the road to inform her of a nearby field fire. It made her think about what would happen if she was presented with a similar situation — in a field by herself, in the middle of an emergency. Maitland, who […] Read more

Getting out of the tractor cab to check soil conditions is important to getting 
the crop off to a strong start.

Patience pays off to ensure the best soil planting conditions

Temperature and moisture are the main components to analyze when planting

Spring 2019 will arrive soon and the planting season is quickly approaching. Farmers spend most of their work time in a tractor during planting, but some of the most valuable time is off the tractor, checking soil conditions. “Boots in the field pays for itself every single time, getting out of the cab and double-checking, […] Read more

The fuel must be exclusively used in the operation of eligible farm machinery and must be used in the course of eligible farming activities.

Farmers need to file form to be exempt from fuel charge

The new program starts April 1

[UPDATED: Mar. 28, 2019] The federal carbon pollution pricing system will add a charge to fuel delivered within Ontario for use in air, marine, rail and road use. Farmers are exempt from this additional charge but must complete an exemption form available through the Canadian Revenue Agency. The new program starts April 1, so farmers […] Read more

Dan Gardner, consultant and New York Times best-selling author of Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear and co-lead of The Risk Communications practice at TacTix.

How our brains analyze risk may help to open conversation to consumers

Language and method of delivery matter in the ability to overcome emotional responses

Dan Gardner, a New York Times best-selling author, explained at a recent food integrity forum that knowing how the human brain works when analyzing risk can be used to open conversations between producers and consumers. He told those attending the 2019 Canadian Centre for Food Integrity Food System Forum Series, that the consumer is becoming […] Read more

Timothy Caulfield, professor, dedicates his time to debunking the myths in the pop culture versus science debate.

Who should be trusted when it comes to the science of food safety?

The eating habits of consumers are changing and pop culture may be a big reason

Consumers are changing their eating habits, sometimes sparked by health restrictions and ethical reasoning, but misinformation is presenting farmers with their biggest struggle, said a University of Alberta professor. Dr. Timothy Caulfield told the crowd at the recent Canadian Centre for Food Integrity Food System Forum Series, that there is a breakdown in trust happening […] Read more

Justin Bell (left) and John Brunsveld were speakers at the recent South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium.

Dairy farmers find opportunity in organic

At the 2019 South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium two farmers shared why they decided to transition to organic dairy

John Brunsveld and Justin Bell found opportunities in the Ontario organic milk market, and they talked about it at the recent South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium. Brunsveld produces organic milk on his farm, milking 125 cows. Bell farms in Chatham-Kent and was accepted into the Organic New Entrant Quota Assistance Program and hopes to be […] Read more