Strong bids in the spring have carried over to summer.

Elmira hay and straw auction continues successful record

Prices have fluctuated this year based upon availability

Sales of dry hay and straw have been strong at the Elmira Produce Auction Co-operative so far this year. One grower at the July 24 sale said he was happy with the selling price of his dry hay as well as the efficiency of the auction. “It’s our first time here, we have some hay […] Read more

Roger Smith, Business Development & Territory Manager with Protekta was the one to bring the product to Canada after touring Denmark.

New water-treated soymeal concentrate aimed for piglets

The Danish product can replace heat-treated soymeal

A new-to-Canada soymeal product uses water to remove the anti-nutritional factors found in soybean meal. Protekta is the Canadian distributor for a new soy-protein concentrate called AX-3 Advanced for piglets in creep, first and second stages of nursery diets. The feed should improve protein absorption by piglets and help reduce the use of zinc oxide, […] Read more

undissolved or unsuspended material can slowly plug sprayers, which can also happen when the farmer isn’t applying the correct rate.

Know your tank mixes to avoid incompatibilities with sprayers, products

Jar tests, reading the label and asking trusted advisors are good steps

Farmers need to know whether the products they’re putting into their sprayer tanks will get along or whether they risk plugged nozzles, crop injury and reduced weed control, provincial extension advisors warn. Mike Cowbrough, weed specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Jason Deveau, application technology with OMAFRA, suggest farmers […] Read more

Typical “greasy,” water-soaked lesion of the late blight on the upper leaf surface.

Trial aims to better detect late blight pathogen before it infects tomatoes

The three-year project will evaluate early detection, management approaches and potential benefits

A new three-year project is in place at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, to help detect late blight pathogen presence in the air before it infests tomatoes, allowing for better control management. There is currently no method to detect the presence of the phytophthora infestans, making it difficult for growers properly manage late blight, […] Read more

Joel Stam, with son Nathaniel, has three collectors running in his new sand-bedded barn.

The quiet manure sucker tries out sand

Lely’s manure vacuum is being tested in Ontario farms with sand bedding

Lely has become known for its robots, small and large, that hum their way around dairy barns. They’re found in feed alleys and shoving manure down slats behind cows, but the latest is the Discovery 120 Collector, that runs up and down an alley among the cows, sucks up the manure and delivers it to […] Read more

Cory Weber with Premier Equipment says a combine that isn’t calibrated gives inadequate information.

The first step you need to take before rolling the combine out to the field

Clean crop data starts with calibration and maintaining it at regular intervals

Accurate combine calibration is not just a once-in-a-harvest task. Why it matters: Combine sensor calibration ensures quality data is created for making crop management decisions based on yield maps. “If the sensors are not calibrated properly on the machine, and even re-calibrated throughout the season, that data that you are collecting is pretty much useless […] Read more

John Wiebe with EastGen and Jayne Jackson at the 2019 Ontario Pork Congress where they talked about PigCHAMP’s new partnership with EastGen.

Hog management software gets new Canadian distribution

Collaboration intended to better serve Canadian clients

EastGen is now providing sales and service of PigCHAMP for pork producers across Canada. The partnership was announced May 10 and the team will be led by John Wiebe, business development manager for IMV Technologies. Why it matters: Management software for hog farmers is important, especially as record-keeping becomes more of a quality assurance imperative. […] Read more

Ideal timing of ear rot fungicides can lower DON levels by 60 per cent. When silk is brown is too late.

Timing fungicide applications on corn crops essential

Delayed maturity of corn may put it into more favourable conditions for disease development

Delayed maturity in corn throughout the province from late planting into challenging soil conditions is causing corn maturity to move into more favourable conditions for many diseases. Albert Tenunta, OMAFRA’s field crops pathologist and Dave Hooker, an associate professor at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown College, said at the recent Ridgetown-based Crop Diagnostic Days that […] Read more

It’s important to share the road and have a Slow Moving Vehicle sign on equipment travelling less than 40 km/hr.

Road safety is important as harvest season approaches

Defensive driving and proper lighting of equipment are ways that farmers can contribute to safe roads

Combines, grain buggies, gravity wagons and many more tractors will be on the road soon as they travel to harvest wheat, corn and soybeans. That’s when road safety becomes a concern. It’s important that drivers of large equipment and other motorized vehicles on the road be courteous. Derek Wilbee, enforcement auditor, investigator with the Ontario […] Read more

Desiccants should be used only when 85 per cent of field peduncles have changed colour.

Timing of 2019 wheat harvest challenging

Uneven staging and fusarium head blight have complicated harvest decisions

Uneven staging of wheat fields across Ontario is making it difficult for farmers to make the call on when to harvest. Why it matters: Difficulty with timing of harvest can create a window of opportunity for fusarium development, lodging problems and poor quality grain. Less than ideal conditions last fall and the cold, wet spring […] Read more