Production insurance could help stabilize farmer incomes, according to Ontario Sheep Farmers.

Ontario Sheep looks into production insurance

The potential insurance plan would focus on production levels rather than price

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario Sheep Farmers is investigating production insurance for its members that would help farmers guard against production declines. Meetings were held across Ontario for producers from Sept. 10 to 12 to discuss the risks they face within their production systems, and for Ontario Sheep Farmers to grasp producer interest in a production insurance program. “The […] Read more

Lillie Ann Morris spurred the creation of Soils at Guelph after a conversation with OAC Dean Rene Van Acker.

New initiative launched to improve soil health education

The Soils at Guelph aims to bridge the gap between agriculture and the general public

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soils at Guelph, launched at the University of Guelph on Sept. 19, aims to put more high quality soil health information in the hands of farmers. Why it matters: The continuous degradation of soil health across Ontario and Canada is creating a barrier for farmers as soil quality dwindles. The development of the program began […] Read more

Jony and Jan Roos, along with daughters Janine, four and Jessica, three. Their other children include Julian, eight and Joanna, six. They milk 2,000 to 2,500 goats near Culloden.

Oxford County goat producers named Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmers

The Roos family focuses on top management of their kid goats, including developing a record-keeping app

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jan and Jony Roos from Roos Dairy Goats were the recipients of the 2019 Ontario Outstanding Young Farmers award. The couple, with their four children, Julian (eight), Joanna (six), Janine (four) and Jessica (three), are first generation dairy goat farmers milking 2,000 to 2,500 goats in a state of the art, 100-stall rotary parlour in […] Read more

Dan Dreckon and Greg Hannam of Woodrill Farms use soil mapping to make management decisions.

Halton area farmers doing their part to improve soil health

There’s no one correct way to manage soil health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soil health continues to be a concern for producers and consumers across the country as quality dwindles. On Aug. 15, 2019 the Halton Soil and Crop Improvement Association put together a soil health seminar and farm tour to reiterate to showcase soil health concerns – along with what farmers are doing to improve it. Why […] Read more

Some fairs have cancelled their horse shows to prevent the spread of Strangles across the province.

Respiratory disease causes some fall fairs to cancel horse shows

Strangles can be a problem for horse owners because it spreads easily where animals are mixed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Contagious respiratory disease, also called Strangles, has prompted some fall fairs across Ontario to cancel their horse shows hoping to avoid spreading the disease amongst competitors. Why it matters: Cancelling of the horse shows can create economic loss for agricultural societies across the province. Cancellations have been more localized to southwestern Ontario including Grey-Bruce fairs […] Read more

Brandon Glenney says soil sampling is most helpful when farmers decide they want to use the information.

Zone sampling for soil tests allows for more detail, accuracy

Vague soil sampling results can provide misleading information

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sampling soil by zone is more efficient and accurate than using grids or bulk sampling methods, an agronomist with Clark Agri Services says. Bulk samples, having one sample for the whole field, are the simplest, yet not the most accurate when comparing to more detailed sample methods. Vague soil sample results can provide inaccurate information. […] Read more

Eric Ferguson, from Sunderland, Ontario represented Canada in conventional plowing at the 2018 World’s Ploughing Match in 2018.

Durham Region hosts 2019 Canadian Plowing Championship

National title up for grabs at October event

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 2019 Canadian Plowing Championship is heading to Ontario, in Sunderland from Oct. 2 to 4. The annual event will have 14 senior competitors from Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta competing for the title of Canadian Plowing Champion and the opportunity to compete at the 2020 World’s Ploughing Match held on Aug. 8 and 9 […] Read more

Provincial government looking into consumer harassment

More protection from trespassers needed

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recent trespassers on a Southern Alberta turkey farm continues to raise the question to farmers within Ontario and Canada as to when this type of harassment will be stopped. Ernie Hardeman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs and Premier Doug Ford recently spoke to Farmtario at the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show about this […] Read more

Ontario soybean crops have been most affected by current trade disputes, but as it isn’t directly targeted by China, it’s harder to get government attention.

Agriculture support programs inadequate in new trade environment

Agriculture groups are concerned existing programs won’t measure up while other countries pile billions into support for their farmers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farm leaders are worried the current suite of government risk management programs are ill-prepared to help Ontario farmers through tough times brought on by trade wars. Solid farm income over the past decade means reference margins will really have to dive in order to trigger payments from existing programs, industry sources say. The programs were […] Read more

Late blight can effect all areas of a potato; leaves, stem and tubers.

Late blight in potatoes detected in Norfolk County

Harvest of potatoes will begin in earnest soon, but vigilance is still necessary

Reading Time: 2 minutes Near the end of August, late blight was detected in one Norfolk county farmer’s potato field within a few Envol plants. The disease is under control as the affected plants were destroyed and the field was sprayed with Ridomil and Bravo. Why it matters: Late blight, caused by the fungus-like pathogen Phytophthora infestnas, is one […] Read more