Dairy Farmers of America invests in SomaDetect

Reading Time: 1 minute Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), is investing in SomaDetect, a company that started because of an Ontario invention. DFA is a national co-operative owned by dairy producers across the United States. It has announced an investment in SomaDetect, technology that will help farmers use artificial intelligence to more closely monitor the health of their herd […] Read more

Lemken’s new Nova sprayer has tank capacity of 4,800 or 7,200 litres.

Lemken launches self-propelled sprayer

The larger sprayer completes the gradual addition of application equipment to the company’s lineup

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lemken is jumping into the self-propelled sprayer market with its new Nova machine. The company has been working on creating a self-propelled sprayer since it entered a strategic partnership with the chassis manufacturer in 2017. The sprayer fits into the large self-propelled market with tank volumes of 4,800 or 7,200 litres and boom widths from […] Read more

Should the African swine fever virus be found in Canada, zones would also be set up here. The United States (which imports $1.2 billion in Canadian pork annually) and Japan are the top destinations. Canada has an agreement with the U.S. to maintain trade in cases of pork disease through zoning procedures and is pursuing such an agreement with Japan.

Opinion: Buying pork from Poland ultimately the right move

Canada would use similar zone system if African swine fever was found

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is painful to watch the spread of African swine fever through parts of Asia and Europe, yet Canada’s decision to keep accepting imports of pork from Poland is pragmatic. Since Canada would follow the same procedures Poland is ostensibly now employing, there is a duty to play this out. ASF has never been found […] Read more

Mentorship program participants announced

Reading Time: 1 minute The Ag Women’s Network has announced the 10 new Ontario mentees for its 2019 Mentorship Program. The Ag Women’s Network Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for women involved in any sector of agriculture at any career stage, to connect in a mentorship partnership. Volunteer mentors work with mentees to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The […] Read more

Bob Guy given poultry worker award

Reading Time: 1 minute The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) has posthumously recognized Bob Guy with its Ed McKinlay Poultry Worker of the Year award. Ed Verkley chair of PIC presented the award to Guy’s wife Cindy, at the recent Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg Chick Commission’s annual meeting. Guy was an employee of the broiler hatching egg commission for 17 […] Read more

The Dot Technology Corp. platform will be at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show as part of a new Evolution of Farming Demonstration.

Dot autonomous platform to make eastern-Canada debut at COFS

The platform will be part of a new Evolution of Farming Demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario farmers will get the chance to see the Canadian-made Dot autonomous farming platform at this year’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The Dot A-U1 Power Platform is an autonomous platform with no cab and in fact, it looks little like a regular tractor. The platform attaches to implements like a drill or a sprayer unit. […] Read more

Glyphosate is used as a burn down, but also in glyphosate-resistant crops.

Canada, France head in different directions on glyphosate

Health Canada says it stands by its earlier re-evaluation of the herbicide, finding it safe for labelled use

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canadian federal health department says it continues to have no concerns about the safety of the glyphosate herbicide after it reviewed eight notices of objection received after it released its final re-evaluation decision on glyphosate in April 2017. The objections were filed with Health Canada in June and July that year by individuals and […] Read more

Where’s the beef? It’s in the upper righthand corner of the new edition of Canada’s Food Guide, in the section labelled ‘Eat protein foods.’

A plateful of advice offered in new national food guide

But that plate has less meat, more plant-based protein, and water is the ‘drink of choice’

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Don’t see a lot of meat or dairy!” That tweet from Simon Somogyi, Arrell Chair in the Business of Food at University of Guelph food expert summed up the reaction of many farm groups in the country following the unveiling of the revamped Canada’s Food Guide. As expected, Health Canada’s new edition of the guide […] Read more

The Cronin family recently joined Alliance Genetics Canada.

Alliance Genetics growing Ontario hog nucleus with new member

The Cronin family’s new Norfolk County barn will be a purebred genetic nucleus for AGC

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alliance Genetics is expanding its Ontario purebred nucleus herd with a new partner. Mike and Amy Cronin of Cronin Family Farms are joining Alliance Genetics Canada (AGC) with a new 1,500-sow barn in Norfolk County that will serve as a purebred genetic nucleus for Vista Villa Genetics, a partner in AGC. The Cronins join existing […] Read more

Rabies vaccinations and livestock fairs to be simplified

Reading Time: 1 minute The provincial government has proposed simplifying the rule that resulted in many 4-H animals having to be vaccinated for rabies before they were taken to local fairs. The regulations implemented by the previous Liberal government required that animals that came in contact with the public had to be vaccinated. The regulation said that as long […] Read more