Harvesting last year with autonomous equipment at the British site.

UK autonomous farming project expands

The Hands-Free Hectare project will be working 35 hectares this year

Reading Time: 2 minutes Extra funding has been made available to a unique autonomous crop farming project in the United Kingdom, allowing it to expand. Initially launched in 2016 by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, the Hands Free Hectare project was designed to demonstrate that one hectare of grain could be grown to harvest without humans setting foot […] Read more

Cows eat at their new home on a floating dairy farm in the Netherlands.

Cows enter world’s first floating farm

The project aims to reuse organic waste streams as cattle feed while showing how floating farms could work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thirty-two cows are now living on the world’s first floating dairy farm based in the port at Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Years of development and construction have finally come to the last hurdle when the Montbelliarde cows can find their sea legs and get accustomed to their new home. And what a luxury home it […] Read more