Dave Green and his parents, Gord and Laura Green, own Greenholm Farms in Embro, Ont. Methane gas produced from 
organics and cattle manure generate electricity on the farm that is sold into the Ontario power grid.

Tapping into the power of methane

Producing power on a dairy farm increases the complexity of the farm’s facilities and management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The owners of Greenholm farms near Embro have created a “circle of agriculture” by adding a biogas digester. The circle helps cycle nutrients throughout the system, tied together by barn systems, machinery and expertise. The owners, Gord and Laura Green, along with their son and business partner, Dave, have discovered that producing […] Read more

A proposal is on the table to determine whether royalties on saved seed should be included in new regulations.

Opinion: Better case needed for farm-saved seed royalties

Reading Time: 3 minutes Given that seed companies have the ability to negotiate contracts to collect royalties, the definitive argument for government regulation to sanction royalties applied to saved seed has yet to be made. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is in the midst of a consultation process on a proposal to determine whether royalties on saved seed should be […] Read more