The debate over whether climate change is caused by human activity has delayed acceptance of the need to change behaviour.

Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’

Man-made climate change increasingly clear in satellite records and can no longer be ignored, scientists say

Reuters/Oslo – Evidence for man-made global warming has reached a “gold standard” level of certainty, adding pressure for cuts in greenhouse gases to limit rising temperatures, scientists said Feb. 26. “Humanity cannot afford to ignore such clear signals,” the American-led team wrote in the journal Nature Climate Change of satellite measurements of rising temperatures over […] Read more

Last five years were hottest on record

Morocco/Reuters – The past five years were the hottest on record with mounting evidence that heat waves, floods and rising sea levels are stoked by man-made climate change, the United Nations weather agency said on Tuesday. Some freak weather events would have happened naturally but the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said greenhouse gas emissions had […] Read more

Ignoring Trump, UN talks seek to turn climate pledges into action

Morocco/Reuters – Almost 200 nations began work on Monday to turn promises for fighting climate change into action at a UN conference that played down threats to a 2015 global agreement if Republican Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidency. At the start of two-week talks in Morocco, many delegates wore badges with a smiling picture […] Read more

Arctic sea ice retreat pinned to individuals’ emissions-study

Morocco/Reuters – Drive your car 4,000 km and its greenhouse gas emissions will melt three square metres (32 square feet) of ice on the Arctic Ocean, according to a new study that found a direct link between carbon dioxide and the shrinking ice. Examining long-term trends for ice floating on the ocean since the 1950s, […] Read more

Man-made warming dates back almost 200 years, study says

Oslo | Reuters — Man-made greenhouse gases began to nudge up the Earth’s temperatures almost 200 years ago, as the Industrial Revolution gathered pace, far earlier than previously thought. Greenhouse gas emissions from industry left their first traces in the temperatures of tropical oceans and the Arctic around 1830, researchers wrote in a recent journal […] Read more

After scorching heat, Earth likely to get respite in 2017

Oslo | Reuters — The Earth is likely to get relief in 2017 from record scorching temperatures that bolstered governments’ resolve last year in reaching a deal to combat climate change, scientists said Wednesday. July was the hottest single month since records began in the 19th century, driven by greenhouse gases and an El Nino […] Read more

Doomsday Vault keepers move to lock up more funding

Oslo | Reuters — The Crop Trust, which runs a so-called doomsday seed vault in the Arctic, secured a doubling of its core funds on Friday and urged the private sector to do more to safeguard commercial food production. Friday’s pledges totalling about $150 million were mainly from governments, including the U.S., Germany and Australia, […] Read more

Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from doomsday seed vault

Oslo | Reuters –– Syria’s civil war has prompted the first withdrawal of seeds from a “doomsday” vault built in an Arctic mountainside to safeguard global food supplies, officials said Monday. The seeds, including samples of wheat, barley and grasses suited to dry regions, have been requested by researchers elsewhere in the Middle East to […] Read more